Specialist Soils

We are able to manufacturer and supply a wide range of specialist soils and substrates, produced in-house on by our green waste and soils team. 

In addition to the soils listed below, for the majority of our customers we prepare bespoke soils and substrates to exact specifications to suit the project. 
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Our Soils

Green Estate Soil Improver

All the green waste material that comes onto site is sorted and processed into a range of valuable quality controlled materials.

The soil improver produced on our sites is continually monitored to produce a top quality weed free, environmentally friendly, soil improver that meets PASS 100 quality control. Samples are lab tested for nutrients, elements, contaminations, pH and levels of beneficial soil organisms that improve soil structure, root growth and encourage better uptake of available nutrients.

For every ton of PAS100 Compost used, 700kg of Carbon Emissions are avoided. 

Our soil improver is then available to purchase for collection in both larger quantities and in potting compost size bags . Call for prices. We offer a ‘Bag Your Own’ facility for gardeners with approximately 40 litres capacity … just £1 a bag.
  • Improves the water holding capacity of the soil
  • Improves plant growth and survival
  • Improves the structure of the soil
  • Improves the fertility of the soil
  • Improves drainage to minimise waste water run off
  • Improvements the environment for micro-organisms 

Manufactured at our Green Waste Recycling Facility in Sheffield

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