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We've been creating meadows and naturalistic landscapes for almost 20 years. Today, together with our sister company Pictorial Meadows, we can offer an unrivalled level of meadow expertise and a complete meadow service from consultation and bespoke meadow seed mixes and turfs, to installation and ongoing maintenance. 

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Meadow Maintenance

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Meadow Consultancy

As a multi-disciplinary team of meadow and naturalistic planting specialists, we are often invited to consult on a broad range of projects types, and can advise clients on a variety of subjects including:

     -  site surveys 
     -  installation and design considerations
     -  soils and substrates
     -  species selection
     -  management and maintenance
     -  public engagement.

For larger, more complex projects, the greatest value will come in involving our team at the earliest planning stages where they can share their knowledge of the interplay between meadows, substrates, hard and soft landscaping feature, architecture, and people to the greatest effect.

With any consultation service, you can expect to receive a full and detailed report that will make recommendations along with explanations, helping you to better understand our recommendations.

Meadow Creation

Large scale annual meadow schemes, especially ones for high profile events or in key public locations, benefit greatly from professional ground preparation and sowing if on-site staff have no previous experience of this task. Perennial meadow schemes from seed need even more careful preparation and nurturing through the first year.

Our experience with a range of meadow solutions from high impact to traditional conservation meadows, enables us to be able to offer our services in all areas of successful meadow establishment. We work across mainland UK providing the specialist equipment and skills necessary to ensure trouble free establishment of annual, perennial and bespoke meadow schemes.

Our meadow installation and establishment team is based completely in-house, allowing us to ensure that they receive the very best training, and deliver consistently high quality results for all our customers. With literally hundreds of projects under our belt, you can rest assured that your meadow will be installed by the UK’s most experienced designer meadow specialists.

Meadow Maintenance

Part of the wonder of a meadow is watching it change and respond to its environment as it develops in its own unique way. Considerations such as soil types, competition, weather, aspect, management and other factors will all influence how a meadow develops over time. Whether we have established meadows for our clients or they are pre-existing meadows, we are happy to offer an on-going care service.

For our meadow care service, we will agree a schedule of visits with the client to take place throughout the year. At each of these visits we will conduct an extensive weed survey, together with a review of the overall heath of the meadow in terms of both plant health and the plant diversity.

Our expert team will ensure that whilst natural and beneficial activities such as the spread of desirable seedlings takes place, unwanted species such as rank grasses, coarse and invasive weeds and woody material is checked through timely and sensitive annual management.

When appropriate, the team will make interventions that might include weed removal programmes or the application of fertilisers. The team will also complete the annual ‘cut and collect’ activity that is necessary to keep the meadow flourishing.

Meadow Seeds and Turf

Through our sister company, Pictorial Meadows, we are able to offer the highest, quality designer meadow seeds and turf available. Click one of the categories below to find out more...

Annual Meadows

Pictorial Meadows’ annual meadow seeds are a simple way to achieve breath-taking displays of flowers. These designer mixes can be sown in average garden soil, and flowers will quickly develop. The annual seed mixes show ‘waves’ of colour right up to the first frost. Pictorial Meadows provide a rich nectar source for pollinators and attract a wide range of insects.

Aqua Annual MeadowCandy Annual MeadowClassic Annual MeadowContrasting Annual MeadowCornfield Annual Meadow
Dragonfly Annual MeadowMarshmallow Annual MeadowPastel Annual MeadowPatriotic Annual MeadowPixie Annual Meadow

Perennial Meadows

Pictorial Meadows’ perennial meadow seeds offer a cost effective method of establishing a high impact floral display. Whereas our annual mixes provide a powerful impact in only one year – perennial mixes are designed to mature and develop year on year.

Cottage Garden Perennial MeadowGolden Summer Perennial MeadowMagic Carpet Perennial MeadowNative Meadow Perennial MeadowPatchwork Quilt
Pictorial Prairie Perennial MeadowPollinator Lawn Perennial MeadowPurple Haze Perennial MeadowSuper Pollinator Perennial MeadowTreasure Chest Perennial Meadow

Meadows from PMTurf™

PM Turf has been developed to give customers all the benefits of our beautiful perennial seed mixtures in a product that is quick and easy to establish. This innovative meadow turf consists of 100% meadow plantlets growing in a special substrate which ensure complete consistency. Only small proportions of ornamental grasses are used to avoid these quickly out-competing the perennial floral species.

Green Estate Landscapes are the exclusive officially recognised installer of PMTurf™ products, and as we've been laying this since it's earliest days, you can rest assured that with our help you will be able to quickly and simply transform your outdoor areas. 

PMTurf InstallationTurf Installation

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