Green Roofs

Green Roof of a School
A well maintained green roof should decrease energy costs, improve onsite water attenuation, improve biodiversity, and help to improve building standards on energy performance. We create and maintain vegetation solutions for the roof top environment.

Green Estate provide a maintenance service to help get the most out of your green roof and ensure it remains in a healthy condition, extends the life and performs as it was intended and ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your green roof.

With over 10 years’ experience in the green roof industry, our maintenance teams have all the equipment required for the roof top environment and are qualified and experienced in both horticulture and working at heights. We are fully insured and can submit risk assessments and method statements as requested.

Typical tasks carried out include:

- Check fall-arrest system is in date and clear of any vegetation
- Maintain vegetation in line with the original objectives
- Cut back vegetation types at specific times to facilitate optimal flowering periods and habitat longevity
- Removal of cuttings off-site
- Removal of undesirable species where identified at each maintenance visit from all areas
- Maintain gravel margins where vegetation has invaded
- Check drainage outlets at each visit to ensure there are no blockages and that the green roof drainage is functioning correctly
- Monitor and manage woody vegetation in designated areas
- Production of a brief written report with photos post-maintenance, regarding the condition of the vegetation and overall green roof condition which will include any further recommended actions

Green Estate Landscapes have developed a unique green roof substrate that has attained approval in-line with German FLL Green Roof Standards. Our substrate is lightweight and manufactured from 100% recycled materials, helping to divert waste away from landfill and reduce costs.

Amongst a variety of vegetation solutions on offer, we supply our robust and bio-diverse green roof seed mixes providing a simple and cost effective option requiring minimal maintenance

It is often the case that a green roof cannot always be seen from the ground so to make sure our customers have a good understanding of the work we have carried out during our maintenance visits we provide a follow up written report with supporting photos to show the existing condition of the roof and the work carried out with flora and fauna species identifications and any future recommendations noted.

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