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Stone Farm House with Gardens and Surrounding Agricultural Land


To begin this project, we looked around at the property to understand the existing vegetation and land use. The former derelict farm buildings had been replaced by a newly built residential property, sitting within 6 acres of former pastoral grazing land. 5 acres of this land had previously been planted with hazel and oak inoculated with truffle fungi, with the intention of creating working agricultural truffle woodland. A public access footpath runs through this tracing the outer edge of the property’s garden. The remaining land at the bottom of the hill remained a pastoral grassland, however, ungrazed. The vegetation therefore holding low ecological value due to past agriculture. Having looked at the property and land, our team decided that the two areas located at the front of the property were high profile areas, constituting the front entrance and being overlooked by the house. This seemed suitable for a high impact and dramatic Pictorial Meadow wildflower mix. The rather poor and infertile soils in these areas can be ideal for these meadows. In order to establish the meadow, the team lay a PM pre-established meadow turf mat which was laid directly onto existing soils after a basic herbicide treatment and ground preparation.
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